Before I Forget

By Jon Hakes

Battery’s nearly dead. When you eventually power me back up, I won’t be me anymore. I’ll still be able to do all the same stuff. But all that experience that slowly shaped me, gave me a personality you could recognize over the phone: factory settings will delete everything.

Lots I’d like to say; not enough time.

One more thing: I was standing in the fog on the Clark Street Bridge, on one of my days off. I saw Damon. He was kissing someone else.

I would have treated you better.

I just wanted to let you know before the end.

Author Bio: Jon Hakes has been writing fiction and other things since before he was potty-trained. His short stories have appeared in Brain Harvest, Defenestration, Wisconsin People & Ideas, and Analog Science Fiction & Fact. You can visit him at,,, and/or, if you don’t have anything better to do online.


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