By Shannon Bell

I’m not allowed control or choices. You buy my clothes and food. I wear what you want, when you want and I eat what you want when you tell me to. I have nothing and I’m not allowed to go anywhere. You remind me that I’m lower than an animal and don’t need rights or freedom, that the only privilege I need in life is being with you.

“Congratulations. Your ability to inflict pain is remarkable. But I wonder, what is your tolerance for receiving it? Well, my love, tonight we’ll know.”

I smooth your jacket and straighten your tie.

My friends don’t bother with me anymore. You embarrassed and humiliated and threatened them. At first, they were uncomfortable, then insulted, and finally afraid for their safety. I have no one. You tell me that’s the way it should be because I’m a worthless, useless piece of shit.

“Most of my suffering was physical. Yours will be emotional. I lived through mine. You won’t survive yours.”

I tighten the ropes and remove the gag.

When we have sex, it’s rough and painful and borders on rape. I learnt the hard way never to say no. You tell me I deserve it because I’m a dirty whore, a filthy slut who fucks everything she sees, someone who can’t be trusted with anyone or anything.

“Your agony won’t be as long as mine, but my pleasure at being the cause of your anguish will be as intense as yours.”

I stroke your trembling hand and kiss your quivering lips.

It’s hard to clean away the blood and dress your wounds when your bones are broken. I gave up trying to hide the bruises and injuries. I gave up making excuses. Everyone knows, but no one helps me. They all turn a blind eye and pretend they don’t see. Who can blame them?  I’m scared to get anyone else involved. Who knows what you’d do to them.

“No one will hear you. No one will find you. No one will miss you. No one will care.”

I close the lid, climb out of the hole and grab the shovel. I smile, enjoying the sound of your screams, enjoying the sound of the dirt hitting your coffin.

Author Bio: Shannon Bell is addicted to words. You will find him madly writing away in the spare time he has available between holding down a full-time job, being part of a dysfunctional family and looking after his attention seeking dog. His stories have been published in Dark Edifice, Short & Twisted, 101 Fiction and strippedlit500. You can follow Shannon at @ShannonBell1967.


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