From July 1st to 31st we are open for submissions for our August edition, Issue 2. Send us your short fiction, of any length up to 500 words;  a complete story, a tale of wonder, excitement, horror, caution, love.

The theme for our second issue has been on my mind for a while – trying to conjure up a theme at once broad enough to allow multiple interpretations, yet evocative as a word on its own, my own day job led me in the right direction.  I work for a major utility company, and what are utilities except the taming of the elements for consumption? The consumption of…power! So “power” is our theme for the summer; take a moment to mull over all the possibilities this theme offers!

Will your story deal with power in its literal definition, of energy or force, that created the universe and fuels out daily commute, our cars, our electric lights, our water taps? Maybe a future source of power that allows us to traverse the unknown voids of the galaxies.

Or will your story speak of power over people, events, history? Will it be a benign force, or a tale of treachery, political manoeuvring, and double-dealing, that creates and destroys dynasties and empires?

Maybe your power is a more personal, subtle and insidious influence over those people around you? Maybe your power is a special power, an unusual capability, a superpower even?

Power in its most basic meaning equals force – does your power deal with an army, an invading force, an epic struggle for military supremacy?

You don’t have to use the word “power” in either your title or the body of your story, but it must deal with power in one of its accepted meanings. (Oxford Dictionary definitions)

Please read our full submission guidelines here.

Get writing, submit your short fiction and make us thrill at its unbridled POWER!